Side By Side Mentoring

Definition of a mentor: "an ordinary person who walks alongside a hero."

Parents are the heroes in our society. They are entrusted with the greatest treasure: protecting nurturing and
enabling their children as they journey toward adulthood.

The aim of mentoring is that all parents know that they are valued.

In 2009, Everyday Families introduced Side-by-side Mentoring.

Side-by-Side Mentoring trains everyday people to be the link between our young families and our church community. It affirms parents/carers in their most important role of raising children, and offers the love,wisdom, and the experience of the faith community to support them. It is a voluntary ministry and so works around the time each mentor has available, as well as their preferred way of approaching and supporting people.

If you know of parents that would benefit from this support, please fill in this form, and select Side-by Side mentoring